Inspired by the Nobel cause of imparting education and promoting excellence, Nirmala Foundation has established Eminent Academy. After the completion of your basic education, you are now at a crossroads, where you have to choose the path that is best suited for your future. The days of local competitions at school level are now over and much tougher ones, at the national level, are knocking at your doors.

          The first and foremost strength at Eminent Academy is an esteemed faculty team with a proven track record in teaching and guiding students to the echelons of success. With lots of humility and honor, we as a team have taken up the responsibility of nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students.

Whether, you are a prudent student, a parent or someone interested in improving the knowledge base. We invite you to explore and take advantage of what we offer at Eminent Academy.     

Mr. Swapan Kumar Karak

Managing Trustee

Nirmala Foundation.

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